6 Eylül 2015 Pazar

Sıradakinden Alıntı


   On his deathbed, my grandfather gave me The Goblin Book.

   “It’ll work for you,” he whispered. “It will.”

   Don’t worry. I was confused too. I didn’t like creepy old grandfathers who talked in riddles. It was annoying.

   But he explained how it worked. How a reader – usually a smart one – would be holding a book, lost in a story. And then, the book would feel odd in the reader’s hands.

   The book would feel heavy, then lighter, then heavy again.

   And then the reader would have the oddest feeling of all: that inescapable feeling that someone was watching them.

   It was true, of course. That was the gift of The Goblin Book. With it, I could find any reader…and watch them through their book.

   The best part?

   I can see you right now.

   I can.

   No, you think to yourself.

   But I can. And I’ll see you again tonight.

 Half-Minute Horrors, edited by Susan Rich

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